Asitah Kns ( indian shell food )


Asitah KNS ( spicy indian seafood )

What are perfect way to have lunch with family. This time, it is indian seafood.. served in a different style. We call this place a gem in the along the industrial area. “Shellout” feast is a reall hungry man’s food. The way to a man’s heart is through he’s stomach. YES!!! I’ve tried crab, prawn and fish cooked in masala ( indian spicy gravy ) but this type!! not for the weak heart.. hahaha..

Situated 13 km from JB sentral CIQ ( singapore – johor checkpoint ) near perindustrian Taman Johor. An oasis within the industrial shops and a huge car wash right in front of restaurant. We usually leave our cars at the car wash opposite while having our undisturbed lunch with an ease of mind too..  The tables are always set for customers in the airconditioned area.

The area outside, you can sit and chill for a nice teh tarik, snacks and other meals too.

Ready to battle our way to victory, winner gets a full tummy..

seafood platter mixed in authentic spicy indian gravy. crab, prawns, sotong ( squid ) and cockles all mixed togather carefully cooked till the gravy sets in and mixes togather with the seafood with the long beans and other veges brings out that taste of masala ( gravy ). That’s not all, a whole deep fried fish sauced in sweet soya with spiced indigredients with a dash of sesame oil.. is the jewel on the crown.

The best part of the whole thing is the serving.. the whole mix is placed over banana leaf at the centre of the table.

you are definately not going lose this battle. You wink, you lose a claw.. the right mix for the right race. The white rice and lime juice are just stopovers we seldom indulge..

Battle… Battle… Battle…

Once we are done with the yummilicios seafood.. now treat ourselves with a nice teh tarik will chilling outside…

Eating is tiring?? yes!!! when you have a feast fit for king.. coz you have to be fast and work planned.. hahahahaha…


Check out this location :

3, Jalan Banang, Kawasan Perindustrian Taman Johor, 81200 Johor Bahru, Johor

Call for reservation : +60197699172  ( Open til 4pm )

Facebook :

Asitah KNS

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