3 reasons why women discriminate men

70% of women who discriminates men of these 3 reasons ;

1. They may have faced bad abuses by men in their lives and these could be the men they had trusted most. Most of the time, it’s related to sexual and violence. The trust breaking incidents leaving a deep scar forever in their lives. These incidents eventually develops into a hatred or a behavioral circumstance, used as a gauge on every other men. Some women build up their self confidence based on these hatred, which turns into a gender equality war. Some would even create a fictitious character in their mind, how a man should be in their view point. This is a subconscious behavior, some woman would adapt in a long run, being tight shut within their opinion. Trusting men and judging men will be totally based on their “to do list as a man”. Some women will not show any signs of this characteristic behavior and some will only share or mingle with their like minded group of females. This is the illusion built around them because of their perception, experience and reviews.

2. These women were raised single handed by their mothers’. This category had not experience the role of a father in a family. How would a man react to the same incidents?.. as mostly they would have only noticed their mother’s way of handling every situation and proven. Some, would even think, women are superior power than men because of their mom’s experiences. The importance of men will be reduced in such upbringings. The characteristics of how a man should or would think and make decisions in he’s own family, will not be experienced in such families. Being independent like their mom or living life on individualist perception will be their reaction towards any major decision making. Some women will blend into the society without gender discrimination or superiority struggle but will stand firm in decision making. Some will prefer to share their life with another female, which they would think is a safer venture. Some may surrender to men as they see new ways of handling situations, whereas some “over submit” themselves to men to reduce their stress and lose their identity. These category of women are the most confused and vulnerable as they dwell between the missing of a male influence in a family and yearning for male influence in their life. This would deprives some women to stay in 1 lifestyle and would be misjudged as unsatisfied.

3. These group of women are the hormonal extremist. They usually come from normal dual parenting, growing up with brothers or sisters. The influences they gather from their male characters in their family or circle, especially from the most dominant person. Dominance, is not only judged by their bravery and fighting skill but also by their material, money and social influences. This male character will instill a deep idol representation in their mind. Thus, whoever fits a close match to this dominant character will be considered as “the man” and the rest will be either ignored or these women will be dominate towards those men. These women are usually mistaken as materialistic, egoistic, gender equality activist etc etc. These are the influences which are created within them due to a situation or during a time of struggle they might have gone through.. to be noticed !!!

The study and opinion given above are based on some women and not all. The power struggle between the man and women exist since ancient times. Why does it seem that only women are struggling to be noticed or to be recognized in a community? equally men has the fear to lose their importance too. Men are mainly judged by their strength, ability, situation handling, wealth and social adaptation. Women are mainly judged on their subtle behavior, family orientation, looks and submission towards their partner. Why are they given different tests to prove their existence in the same globe they co-exist? Why men are the considered as the hunters and women are considered as the homemakers? A man-made rule and definition written in myths, books, and scriptures till today no one denies the books yet still accepting the lifestyle. Therefore, to understand why an individual person tend to showcase herself to be noticed by the society, will contain the mindset to that individual rather than to judge the whole gender type.

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