Voting is a GAME of influence

We all have our preference on who we want to vote for. This will be mainly based on personal experience towards a minister or party. Some would express their emotions linked to a personal matter and how he / she was treated or judged by a government official or statutory board staff. Many feels disappointed with such staffs, who discriminates or does nothing to help rather than only stating the rigid rules. This is the kind of officials and staffs which the people feel disappointed. It reflects on the system and the leaders of that ministry. Some people tend to judge and take a stand on the overall government and ministries based on this..

“I KNOW, there are some jokers who would hate anyone just because he’s kopi khakis said so”

The mindset

Singapore, just like many countries, work within a set of rules. For generations they have worked towards instilling the rules and regulation as a primary mode of system which would become a mindset and culture of that nation. Some of the authorities fails to understand that human evolves and they would be exposed to more information around the world and how other more sophisticated societies demand their rights.

This is the confusion many of the ordinary people in Singapore faces. A rejection from the minster himself or he’s constraint to break a said rule, will immediately put him or her in an “incompetent” seat. If the staff from he’s or her ministry showed the unwillingness to reach out to the public, this will immediately reflects the lack of leadership of the minister too. This is how an ordinary citizen’s perception of any nation.

Singapore, 70% of the people do not bother about who is the minister of which ministry. Some are too busy to identify the minister in their own ward. Majority, don’t make time for social or community activities to meet their MP. “We are stuck with huge loans and repayments on our shoulders”. These responsibilities makes everyone to work hard and once awhile runaway for a shot holiday to escape. They feel, by knowing their MP or the social community around them may not help them in their livelihood, therefore it’s not important. This is the effect of a rigid system with rules stuck on our foreheads. Where humans are regarded as machine and bind by only rules. Like a computer or machinery being operated by algorithm or command codes.

The effect of unfair treatment

Just like how a frontline staff follows her RULES than follows her heart. An official follows he’s RULES than attends every matter with a different and case to case scenario. A MP follows he’s rules than extending alternative solutions. These people who represent the government, nation and the people, have worked with no heart towards their fellow citizens. This is the same reaction they would receive, when the curtains open.

The change promised

Will this change, if the nation has a change of management? I doubt so.. A nation with decades of systematic governance and mindset cannot be changed overnight. This will be the reply from any oppositions soon after they take over and a new series of drama will begin thereafter. It’s not a myth but it’s proven in many nations around the globe.

A country, with huge corruption, criminal and unlawful activities may be easier to turn around. WHY? the criminals who are destroying the nations future will be prominent and exposed publicly. So it needs a truthful party and leaders to be in power to step in and impose RULES to tighten the system.

A country, which is already been running in a systematic manner. In which case, the actual “criminals” are the heartless and incompetent frontline and officials of most government offices. They tend to be destroying a whole generation of livelihood with their rules based job scope than scenario and situation. How can any party change that? sack and train everyone of them?Changing a policy in a developing nation is like crossing to the opposite direction in a long highway.

When they want build a nation with methods and system only which serves no personal touch nor credibility.. you will receive the same reply too.

When 70% of the people don’t care who govern the nation. 50% don’t talk politics and 40% wants to migrate to another country. How could anyone influence the people to stay focus on the election and promise them a FUTURE???

When the game becomes a play of influence

When most of the candidates are just pointing their fingers at each other on who is right and wrong. No one is talking about what they have done successfully so far for the people which has changed the life of some. This is like a influence game where the last sentence will be on peoples mind till the polling day. What happened and what may happen will be not thought for now. The media, memes, slogans, news, family background,.. these are hyped topics during a rally period. The people will be influenced into this mystical illusion that they will SEE or assume a brighter future the next day.

Voting influences can change anyone’s mind which may either build or destroy our future.

This is not intended for any specific person, authority or party, it’s a general view from the public.

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