3 reasons why women discriminate men

70% of women who discriminates men of these 3 reasons ; 1. They may have faced bad abuses by men in their lives and these could be the men they had trusted most. Most of the time, it’s related to sexual and violence. The trust breaking incidents leaving a deep scar forever in their lives. These incidents eventually develops into a hatred or a behavioral circumstance, used as a gauge on every other men. Some women build up their self confidence based on these hatred, which turns into a gender equality war. Some would even create a fictitious character in their mind, how a man should be in their view point. This is a subconscious behavior, some woman would adapt in a long run, being tight shut within their opinion. Trusting men and judging men will be totally based on their “to do list as a man”. Some women will… Read more

Asitah Kns ( indian shell food )

  Asitah KNS ( spicy indian seafood ) What are perfect way to have lunch with family. This time, it is indian seafood.. served in a different style. We call this place a gem in the along the industrial area. “Shellout” feast is a reall hungry man’s food. The way to a man’s heart is through he’s stomach. YES!!! I’ve tried crab, prawn and fish cooked in masala ( indian spicy gravy ) but this type!! not for the weak heart.. hahaha.. Situated 13 km from JB sentral CIQ ( singapore – johor checkpoint ) near perindustrian Taman Johor. An oasis within the industrial shops and a huge car wash right in front of restaurant. We usually leave our cars at the car wash opposite while having our undisturbed lunch with an ease of mind too..  The tables are always set for customers in the airconditioned area. The area outside,… Read more

Morganfield’s @ Johor Bahru City Centre

  Morganfield’s @ Zenith ( JB sentral, Malaysia )   Right in the heart of Johor Bahru( JB sentral ). Where the all time famous city square mall and JBCCmall is situated. The busiest traffic at all times. Morganfield’s has opened thier 2nd branch in JB at Zenith Mall, right location ( not really convenient for those driving ). If you are still wondering what I’m talking about?… Morganfield’s is the famous place for thier awesome juicy BBQ PORK RIBS… Yes, this famous restaurant has numerous outlets in singapore and malaysia. If you are freak like me, who loves saucy bbq meat, then this will the oneof those place you should never miss when you are at johor bahru ( malaysia ). I brought my family here for dinner and immediately we set our mind… this is where we gonna have our christmas dinner… Probably I was craving for nice… Read more

The five days of deepavali

THE FIVE DAYS OF DEEPAVALI The History of Deepavali is replete with legends which are moored to the stories of Hindu religious scriptures, mostly the Puranas. Though the central theme of all legends point out to the classic truth of the victory of the good over evil, the mode of their presentation and the characters differ. Deepavali, being the festival of lights, means lighting the lamp of knowledge within us, to understand and reflect upon the significant purpose of each of the five days of festivities and to bring those thoughts into our day-to-day lives. THE FIRST DAY OF DEEPAVALI – Dhanvantari Triodasi or Dhanteras This day falls on the thirteenth day of the month of Kaartik and two days before Divali. The word ‘Dhan’ means wealth. It is in honor of the great Physician of the Gods and incarnation of Lord Vishnu, Dhanvantari Vaidya, who emerged out of the… Read more

Do you know, there are more than 1 legend about deepavali ?

ORIGINS OF DEEPAVALI Deepavali is a Hindu festival celebrated in India and across the world. The word “Divali” is a variation of the Sanskrit word “Deepavali” – Deepa meaning light and Avali, meaning a row. This festival has been referred to as Divali, Diwali, Dipavali and Deepavali among other variations. Generally, however, it is considered the Festival of Lights. Traditionally, it is marked by the lighting of deyas which are made from clay and filled with oil or ghee. Devotees also clean their homes and surroundings, wear new clothing and give charity to the needy. THE MOST COMMON LEGENDS ABOUT DEEPAVALI   THE STORY OF RAMA AND SITA One of the most common stories about Divali is the return of Lord Rama (Lord Ram) and his wife Sita to Ayodhya after their fourteen year exile. This is related in the Ramayana (i.e. the Story of Rama). It tells the tale of… Read more

Is Halloween a festival or a commercialize party time

Halloween, is it a festival or a cult practice? While many pray, meditate, spiritual cleanse their homes to ward away the bad luck, evil, or bad aura.. on the other end, during the halloween season, some hang monsters, witches, skeletons, blood and many scary stuffs in their houses which seems like welcoming these scary things into their homes. Although I’m never against the idea of fun but these kind of fun is scary.. hahahaha.. These days people celebrate everything.. yeah. All we need is a holiday to gather with friends and family and any festival a good time for it. In Singapore, St Patrick’s day, Beer Feast, Valentine’s day and Halloween are the best times for these hang outs… (maybe not for valentine’s day).. lol. Most of the time we don’t have much idea about the history of these days.. as long as friends and booze are present.. any day… Read more

Creating a music environment at home

Creating a Musical Home Environment By Dr. Robert A. Cutietta Dad and kids making music with pots and pans, Your child spends more time at home than any other place. This is especially true at preschool age, but even after kids begin school, home is still the predominant source of most experiences. It’s the parents’ responsibility to create the environment in the home, so it’s important that you include music in a meaningful way. Start by incorporating any of these simple steps into your daily routines. Immerse your home in music. Whenever appropriate, have music playing in the home. It really doesn’t matter what type of music. Ignore the media hype that suggests only Mozart enhances your baby’s intelligence. There is no evidence to support that claim, and it limits other musical genres that your child may find particularly meaningful. Play music—any and all music. Actively listen to music. While… Read more