3 reasons why women discriminate men

70% of women who discriminates men of these 3 reasons ; 1. They may have faced bad abuses by men in their lives and these could be the men they had trusted most. Most of the time, it’s related to sexual and violence. The trust breaking incidents leaving a deep scar forever in their lives. These incidents eventually develops into a hatred or a behavioral circumstance, used as a gauge on every other men. Some women build up their self confidence based on these hatred, which turns into a gender equality war. Some would even create a fictitious character in their mind, how a man should be in their view point. This is a subconscious behavior, some woman would adapt in a long run, being tight shut within their opinion. Trusting men and judging men will be totally based on their “to do list as a man”. Some women will… Read more

Creating a music environment at home

Creating a Musical Home Environment By Dr. Robert A. Cutietta Dad and kids making music with pots and pans, Your child spends more time at home than any other place. This is especially true at preschool age, but even after kids begin school, home is still the predominant source of most experiences. It’s the parents’ responsibility to create the environment in the home, so it’s important that you include music in a meaningful way. Start by incorporating any of these simple steps into your daily routines. Immerse your home in music. Whenever appropriate, have music playing in the home. It really doesn’t matter what type of music. Ignore the media hype that suggests only Mozart enhances your baby’s intelligence. There is no evidence to support that claim, and it limits other musical genres that your child may find particularly meaningful. Play music—any and all music. Actively listen to music. While… Read more