Asitah Kns ( indian shell food )

  Asitah KNS ( spicy indian seafood ) What are perfect way to have lunch with family. This time, it is indian seafood.. served in a different style. We call this place a gem in the along the industrial area. “Shellout” feast is a reall hungry man’s food. The way to a man’s heart is through he’s stomach. YES!!! I’ve tried crab, prawn and fish cooked in masala ( indian spicy gravy ) but this type!! not for the weak heart.. hahaha.. Situated 13 km from JB sentral CIQ ( singapore – johor checkpoint ) near perindustrian Taman Johor. An oasis within the industrial shops and a huge car wash right in front of restaurant. We usually leave our cars at the car wash opposite while having our undisturbed lunch with an ease of mind too..  The tables are always set for customers in the airconditioned area. The area outside,… Read more