How to make passive income

What is passive income and what is active income..??? active income is an income which requires you to work on a daily basis for it, income stops once you stop working,  Examples of active income.. regular work with fixed working hours any work where the working hours is not determined by you active income is generally the incomes earned by regular works, where you are an employee. The moment you stop working, your income stops too. You live by the earning paid to you.. expect raise and extra incomes at the mercy of your employer. passive income is an income recieved on a regular basis with little effort required to maintain it. Examples of passive income.. rental from property interest from bank earning from business with little effort needed from owner or merchan royalties from publishing a book or from licensing a patent or other form of intellectual property, such as… Read more

Success is not about dollars and cents..

  Is success measured by wealth One day, while I was in a success seminar, the speaker asked everyone.. the most simplest question. What is your goals or dreams. I stammered for a while and instantly started to search the database in my brains for an answer which will not embarrass me in a crowd of 50 – 60 people who seemed all ears. My mind started to think of all the famous and successful people I know and read about.. Donald Trump, Anthony Robbins.. even Adolf Hitler.. My Dreams.. My IDOLS.. hahahaha. suddenly It came to my mind.. I want to be an SUCCESSFUL Inspirational Motivator.. YES.. That’s what.. I am and That is What I wish to share with others. While waiting for my turn to reveal my dream to my fellow friends in the room.. a second thought questions my integrity. All those, I idolize are RICH and… Read more